Search for Five

[Author’s Note: This was inspired from the contest at ProBlogger that has now ended. I had fun reading the posts and decided to see if I could link them as a story here. As it’s a 1st draft, I understand that the flow may not be smooth. However, I do hope that you’ll enjoy reading the links that I’ve included.]

The list was staggering. Liz didn’t realise that there were so many top five of any topic under the sun could be found. From finance to blogging, she was swarmed with the mind-boggling list. While pondering on the next step, she decided to read those that caught her eye. The random clicks brought to her attention that there were really good writers out there to be found.

One wrote about when it was time to stop writing, while another wrote about how to start writing. Although the two were contradicting in titles, they were humorous. Since she was on the topic of writing, she went on read other posts with the same topic. Overcoming writer’s block seemed to be commonly touched on, even song writers have the same problem. 52 Novels touched on what are the must-haves software for writers that even Liz didn’t know besides using her Word software. She archived the link for future reference.

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Over The Years

[Author’s note: In everyone’s life, there is someone who matters a lot in your heart. That person influences your decisions to anything in life. That person can be your father, mother, sister, brother, best friend, cousin, or someone else.

Such a person will be the one who can truly make you happy, sad, disappointed, jealous, and all other emotions. This is the person who matters most to you. This was written during low periods in my life. Not the best but something that I finally completed. For DD.]

The room felt large and empty. He felt lonely. Very lonely. She used to put her hand on his shoulder whenever he was feeling down. She was there whenever he needed companionship. “Where is she now?” He wondered aloud.
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Search for Heaven

[Author’s Note: This was inspired by a friend and dedicated to WYF who said “I want to search for my heaven.”]

I have been searching for my heaven. I’m not sure if I’d find it but I hope I do. I imagine my heaven to be quiet with flowers and beaches that have clear water. The fine white sand and sandcastles being built.

Families bonding at the beach playing games like beach volleyball or Frisbee. Dogs that bark warnings in the games, chasing the flying discs. Bunnies that are fed by hand and hopping freely all over the green grasses.

Buildings are clean and repaired frequently. The cleaners are proud of their cleaning skills and are well paid accordingly. The parks and gardens are well-kept with the flowers flourishing.

“Karlyn! What are you doing?” a voice breaks into my thoughts. Darn! Mom’s in a lousy mood today. “Karlyn Yang! You better come here now!” sighing, I drag myself from the comfortable bed to the living room. She looks red.

Here we go. I don’t understand why Mom makes a major ruckus whenever Poopy makes a poop pile in the living room. I can’t be always be around to check on him. She didn’t want me to train Poopy and look what happened. He started to make the living room his bathroom. Who can he blame? Me or Mom? Obviously all the fingers point to me. I was the one who insisted on bringing a stray mongrel home and look at what had happened.

Sigh. Life is unfair. I always get blamed. I wonder what I’m being blamed for this time.

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Bobby and Sharon

“Grandpa,” Bobby looked at his grandfather.

“Yes?” Grandpa put down the newspapers on his lap. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Sharon. She’s always picking on me.” He pouted.


“I don’t know.”

“What does she do then?”

Bobby described how his erasers kept going missing and pencils being broken. He had caught Sharon taking his ruler that Mom had given him for his birthday. He got it back only when he told his teacher. The next day, he got kicked under the desk when he sat beside Sharon during recess.

“It’s no use telling Mrs Toh,” Bobby wailed. “I’ll only get more kicks from her!”

“Let’s try something, shall we?” Grandpa told Bobby his plans.

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Little Froggie

Ribbit. Riiiiibiiiit! Oh I hate it when they do that! I hate frogs! I hate, I hate, I hate frogs! They are oh, so noisy. I wish I could throw stones at them!

Tommy was angry. They had just moved into the new house 2 weeks ago from the city to this small town which his parents really love. They had claimed that it was quiet and the scenery would be lovely, he’d loved it too. However, since the day they had moved in, the weather had been dreary. The storm had came suddenly just when Tommy wanted to go out and explore the new town. He had been very good, placing all his toys and stuff on the proper places where his mama had told him to.

When the storm came, it wouldn’t stop. It stopped only when Tommmy went to bed. When he woke up, the rain came again sometimes in torrents, sometimes lightly but it was still too heavy to play. Bored with playing with his Superman and Batman, he had looked through the window and the frogs had been busy too. They ribit throughout the day and night, it seemed to Tommy. The frogs were so loud one night that Tommy had tossed and turned unable to sleep. He was very grumpy the next morning.

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Names are in Chinese. This setting is in the olden times where the people wore long sleeved clothes and cloth shoes.

“Xiao Ping! What are you doing?” a woman dressed in tatters called out to her daughter. The child who was concerned, was playing with the soil. It had rained the night before and she was fascinated that she could draw on the wet ground. She had drawn a creature with a long neck and huge wings on its back. She finished the touches with a cloud of smoke bellowing out of its mouth.

“Xiao Ping! Do you know what that is?” she heard her mother asked from behind. She turned around and blinked as if she didn’t know that her mother had been calling her for the sixth time. She shook her head.

“That’s a dragon, you’ve been drawing. You’ve seen it?” her mother went closer bending over her child to look at the drawing more closely. It was a beautiful and detailed piece of art on the dragon. She had heard of tales of dragons in the high mountains beyond but never seen them. They were said to be fire-spitting and fly about in the dark to find people to eat if they were not in the house yet. Their village had missing people since the dragons were heard to be roaming about, so everyone were not allowed to stay out after the sun set.

“Did you see one?” Xiao Ping nodded her head.

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They had been together since they met each other in a ward. She had been visiting a relative with her family when they bumped into each other. Helping her pick up her bag, he couldn’t but help notice that she was so graceful with her movement. Mesmerised, it took him a while to register that she was apologising to him.

“Oh, it’s alright, Miss. It’s my fault for not looking where I’m going,” he smiled at her. It took his breath away just seeing her smile. After she left, he still had her image in his mind. Determined to know more about her, he followed her to her relative’s ward. It took some coaxing from a fellow trainee but he managed to find out what her name was.

They had their happy times but underneath the happiness, there was the fear from her, resentment from him. It took a while until he gathered his courage one day.

“We shouldn’t see each other again,” he told her forcefully. He couldn’t bear to but her parents’ disapproval was getting on his nerves and they were starting to match-make her with different guys whom they thought were better compatible. He was still studying and working as a trainee in a hospital, which her parents thought was not prestigious enough to suit their only daughter.

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